Skin Toning/Skin Brightness

Tired of trying messy and lengthy home remedies to get an even and brighter complexion? Do you dream of having that perfect peaches and cream complexion? In fact a host of traditional approaches were also developed over the centuries to attain a blemish-free, glowing complexion like applying saffron, milk, curd, and turmeric pastes and packs. But blame it on adulteration that these rich recipes don't work wonders anymore, or the fast-paced life that's left us with little patience, most of us want instant results. Thankfully new innovations and technology is helping make it possible.

Have you ever wondered why early childhood photographs of many celebrities show a much darker skin colour than they have now? Experts say that they opt for skin-brightening treatments. Skin brightening is not only a type of cosmetic treatment that may be used to brighten skin colour, but it also helps on case of certain pigmentation problems. It can help lighten a tan, fade scars, and eliminate dark patches on the skin.

Experts have recommended that most preferable skin brightening treatments include chemical peels using fruit acids or other peeling agents. The procedure typically involves application of a peeling solution such as an alpha-hydroxyl acid to exfoliate the darker, pigmented skin. At Lomasi Skin Boutique, internationally trained panel of cosmetologists could perform dermabrasion to lessen acne scars, brown spots, and similar pigmentation problems leading to tighter and fairer skin. Skin brightening treatments can be availed by all age group starting from 14 years and can be done by both men and women.

When your lifestyle demands prolonged periods out in the sun or regular field work your skin is most likely to suffer damage and tanning leading to uneven patchy skin, pigmentation, early aging and premature wrinkling. Lomasi Skin Boutique believes in taking a holistic approach using specialized services to provide the best guidance and treatment designed especially for your skin needs.