Texture Improvement

Silk is In! Now you don’t have to wait till winter to flaunt your silk. How you ask? With the fabulous Texture Improvement therapy at Lomasi Skin Boutique you get to flaunt your flawless silky skin all year long! Silken smooth, supple and glowing skin is the best accessory that you are born with, so do not let the sun damage and pollution take that away from you?

Take an hour off of your busy schedules and head to Lomasi to restore that beautiful healthy and silken feel of your skin. Make your partner find excuses to touch the silk of your skin, make your friends envious and be the divine creation that you are!

Our mothers and grandmothers used to follow strict skincare routines that maintained their baby soft and silken skins. But today we don’t have the luxury of time but that does not mean that we cannot look just as gorgeous as them!! At Lomasi Skin Boutique we understand your desires and also your scarcity of time. Walk into our boutique during your lunch hour and leave feeling fabulous, glowing and with silken smooth texture skin with an FRF Technology that would have made Cleopatra envious!