Skin Care Solutions

Did you know that your skin age doesn’t have to reflect your biological age and often wondered how your mother’s skin is firmer and more radiant than yours? Do people often tell you that you look tired or dull?

Every skin tells us a different story!  Problems like acne, darkening of skin, lack of glow, stretch marks, unwanted facial hair and scars often haunts you day and night. Eventually you lose confidence and avoid the social gatherings or even being a part of a group selfie. However you don’t have to linger anymore for a silky smooth problem free skin is over.

You don’t have to wait till winter to sport Silk.  Lomasi Skin Boutique tells you that “Silk is In” through all seasons. We understand that glowing, supple, ageless and silken skin requires individual and customized attention and that is exactly what you will get.

People often believe that you should start taking care of your skin after you turn 40. This is a myth! Your skin is exposed to the dangers from the moment you are born. Every day it goes through the rigors of life leaving it exposed to the problems like skin darkening, lack of glow and stretch marks. The fast paced life has quickened the process of erosion which is often why your skin is left looking older than your mothers’.

Time today is precious more than ever before. Lomasi Skin Boutique understands your busy schedule takes its toll on your delicate skin. Also lengthy salon appointments are difficult to fit into your calendar on a regular basis. That is why we have made the skin care procedures “Lunch Time Services” so that you breeze in during your lunch hour and go back with renewed confidence. The best part is that there is no downtime for the procedures so you can carry on living your fabulous life the minute you walk out of the boutique.

With thoroughly trained panel of international doctors who are experts in Asian Skin, the latest technology and equipments and customized skin consultation, Lomasi Skin Boutique will ensure that you go back blossomed into the precious and unique flower that you are.