Traumatic Scars/ Burn Scar Reduction

Major burn injuries can change how your face and body looks and functions and lead to body image distress. Scars can cause grief or sadness about changes in appearance. In many cases it can even lead to anxiety about social or intimate settings where the scars may be noticed and worrying about how people will react when they see the scars. Scars become the constant painful reminder of the traumatic incident and make you conscious about your looks and lose self esteem.

Home remedies are time consuming and messy with no guarantee of results or how long it will take to show results. We at Lomasi Skin Boutique understand that nothing should stand between you and your confidence. That is why we are offering you a chance to get over your trauma with the help of RF Microneedling. It is a minimally invasive procedure with minimum downtime.

During your initial consultation you will receive detailed information of pre care and aftercare instructions from our panel of internationally trained doctors.. Now there is no more need to shy away from revealing your beautiful true self to the world!