Open Pores

Being the most prominent part of our being, the face has always taken the lion’s share of the focus in aesthetics compared to the rest of the body. We diligently attend appointments for facials and slather on serums and creams that we believe will return our faces to their baby soft former glory. But creams don’t go that far. If you are blessed with good skin genes consider yourself lucky! But keeping skin flawless is not easy. Larger pores can be seen on the nose and cheek area- regions with the highest concentration of oil glands.

Enlarged pores and scars commonly occur on the face, and many of us seek to minimize and improve the appearance of these common skin imperfections. Along with the inevitable signs of skin aging, other imperfections of facial skin seems to be a result of the combination of intrinsic and extrinsic processes. For treatment of facial ageing, enlarged pores, skin tightening and scars, numerous non-invasive procedures have become popular.

There are many of you who suffer from oily skin that tends to enlarge the pores and more likely to lead to clogged pores, cause acne breakouts and white heads. These open and enlarged pores hide the beauty of your skin making you look older and making your skin age prematurely. That is why we at Lomasi Skin Boutique have introduced RF Micro Needling to shrink the open pores and give you younger looking and radiant skin.