No matter how many lumps of moisturizers and creams you apply on your skin they can’t reach the desire spot and at the end of the day, you still feel dull and patchy. Ever wondered how a plant will grow if it’s root doesn’t get the nutrition?  Exactly that is what is happening with your skin! Creams only provide you a superficial glow which fades away the moment you exposed to dust and pollution. Your skin needs vitamins and it needs it in the deepest roots!

Mesotherapy as a service at Lomasi is very effective mostly due to the fact that our experts infuse the solution deep into your skin…400 times deeper than any normal application. Lomasi makes sure that your skin gets the nourishment through the infusion of vitamins into your mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin thereby giving it substance rather than a superficial glow. Lomasi believes in giving long lasting results and our professionals will help you obtain a well nurtured skin so that you can flaunt it at any age and any time!