Welcome to Lomasi Skin Boutique
The concept behind Lomasi Skin Boutique was once conceived by Mr. Nripendra Guha based on the vision that he will work on the core Science behind Skin and had taken an oath to stop the process of skin aging. We at Lomasi Skin Boutique believe that “skin age” has nothing to do with your actual biological age and it possible to look young, fresh and healthy at any given age and time.
Moreover, it is also a myth that your skin actually starts aging after you turn 40 as logically if you think about it, you start aging from the day you are born. First they count it in days, then in months and then finally in years and before you realize the stress of living automatically takes its toll on your skin. So at Lomasi Skin Boutique we recommend that you don’t wait till a certain age to get your skin tested but you should wait no more. You might be in your 30s, 20s or even in your teens but you actually don’t know how much your skin has actually aged. Come to Lomasi Skin Boutique and get your skin age checked. Our internationally trained doctors have achieved expertise in Asian skin and after detailed consultation they are ready to provide you with customized services at affordable prices.
Do remember that Lomasi is not a regular skin care salon but rather a beauty boutique where we believe in providing accurate solutions to your problems, guide you to achieve enhancements and finally support you to maintain the same.
In Lomasi Skin Boutique we will first carefully analyze your skin type and then we will advise you the services which you can avail before actually going through the procedure. But don’t think that our relationship with you end at that juncture as technically it is just the beginning. Once you have achieved the glow and the silky shine texture of your skin that you are looking for, we will advise you on planned visits at our beauty boutique so that you can carry-on looking fabulous. “Silk is In”, as we say in Lomasi and you don’t have to wait to till winter to don silk! The silk will be on your skin and any time any where you go…we will make sure that you glow!