About the Dreamer & the Man with the Midas Touch!
As far as skin care and beauty treatments are concerned, Nripendro Guha has seen it all! Practically, undergone and trained in all the treatments himself Mr. Guha is definitely the man to rely on. The down-to-earth man who can tell you the ins and outs every possible service that Lomasi provides has already single handedly established a leading skin care brand in Kolkata. In the past he has worked with International Fashion Line in Dubai and Dhaka. Currently besides Lomasi, he provides beauty consultation to various celebrities from Bollywood and Tollywood along with some eminent socialites from all across the country. He is also involved in part-time grooming and counseling of celebrity design while providing them regular guidelines. Mr. Guha is highly involved in the leading fashion weeks and beauty clinics all across the country and has over the years has developed deep sense and understanding of fashion and beauty. The elites of the city already know him well and it now time for you to know the wizard of beauty in Kolkata who with his keen observation can assess your requirements even before you can utter them and backed by his panel of internationally trained doctors he will provide you the best service in the town. So once you come and visit Lomasi, he will make sure that you leave looking like Elite while paying like a Commoner!